About the Department


The Upper Southampton Police Department consists of 22 full-time sworn police officers, three full-time administrative personnel, three part-time school crossing guards, and one police Chaplain. The Department is comprised of three divisions: patrol, detective and administrative. The sworn staff includes a police chief, lieutenant, two detectives, four patrol sergeants, and 14 patrol officers

Several officers from the department also participate in the South-Central Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.). The team is designed for emergency responses to tactical situations which include hostage situations, barricaded subjects and high-risk warrant services. The officers perform several roles ranging from tactical operators to crisis negotiators.

Officers are also trained to participate in the Bucks County Major Incident Response Team (M.I.R.T.). The team is comprised of members from various police departments in Bucks County. Members are trained to respond to major incidents within Bucks County such as civil disturbances, natural disasters, dignitary protection, chemical / biological incidents, and terrorist attacks.

Our officers are also trained to specialize in bicycle patrol, Motor Carrier Safety Alliance Program (MCSAP) as well as maintaining certification in weights and measures, accident investigation and reconstruction, traffic enforcement, crime scene processing and firearms instruction.