Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)


The Crisis-Intervention Team (CIT) is an innovative model of police-based crisis intervention with the community, behavioral healthcare, and advocacy partnerships. CIT is a program designed to improve the outcomes of police interactions with individuals whose behavior is influenced by mental illness, substance abuse, intellectual disabilities and related conditions. Officers learn to recognize psychiatric distress and other conditions and how to de-escalate a crisis. In addition, CIT officers learn how to link people with appropriate treatment, which has a positive impact on fostering recovery and reducing recidivism. Research has proven that CIT training reduces arrests, the use of restraint, citizen and police officer injuries, hospitalization, and vastly improves the safety and satisfaction of all involved.

The Upper Makefield Township Police Department currently has three certified officers apart of the Bucks County CIT Task Force. Sergeant Rauch, Officer Fuchs and Officer Huff are equipped to help and assist anyone with a disability or related condition and can provide valuable information including county resources. Some of the county resources will be found under the Sources tab.  If you or someone in your family have a disability or related condition, please help our department serve you better by filling out our Premise History form found below.  Once completed, please return the editable form to Officer Fuchs at  Further instructions are on the form.

*If you need further assistance or would like to meet one of our CIT officers please email:

Officer Robert Fuchs 

Officer Mary Kate Huff

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