Bucks County Phone Numbers for Covid-19 Issues

The County has established an 800 number to help with a number of important issues affecting our community during this crisis.


Prompt 1: Bucks County Health Department—Extended evening and weekend hours

Prompt 2: Bucks County Consumer Protection – To report non-essential business compliance

Prompt 3: Community and Economic Development

Prompt 4: Bucks County Housing and Human Services Additional Community Resources

BUCKS COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH HOTLINE: 215-399-5681 Hours of Operations—Monday—Friday 8:30 AM —4:30 PM

BUCKS COUNTY SENIOR ASSISTANCE: 267-880-5700 For seniors who need help with meal delivery and independent care.

BUCKS COUNTY SOCIAL COMPLAINTS: 215-328-8500 For citizen complaints not related to businesses or other identified priorities. Staffed 24x7.