Springfield Township Push-Up and Sit-Up Challenge Winners!!!!!

Congratulations to the winners of the Springfield Township Police Department Push-Up and Sit-Up Challenge!!!  Here are the winners who received a $50 visa gift card and a Certificate of Achievement from the Springfield Township Police Department.

High School Boys Push-Ups - Matthew McClintic

High School Boys Sit-Ups - Matthew McClintic

High School Girls Push-Ups - Kirsten Serrone

High School Girls Sit-Ups - Evelyn Focazio

Middle School Boys Push-Ups - Andrew Woerz

Middle School Boys Sit-Ups - Andrew Woerz

Middle School Girls Push-Ups - Brynn Chilton

Middle School Girls Sit-Ups - Brynn Chilton

Elementary School Boys Push-Ups - Silas LaRosa and Dylan Finney (Tie)

Elementary School Boys Sit-Ups - Tyee Gilmore

Elementary School Girls Push-Ups - Emily Hershey

Elementary School Girls Sit-Ups - Della Gilligan