Unlawful Contact with a Minor

In December 2013 it was reported that Kvon Chase had sexual intercourse on two different occasions with a 14 year old female that resides in Susquehanna Township, while he was 20 years old. He was arrested on 1-22-14 and placed in DCP on $100,000 bail.
The Susquehanna Township Police arrested Paul Blancato, on October 20, 2015, after an investigation ensued persuant to a complaint that he was showing an 8 year old female pornography. The investigation revealed additional innappropriate contact and activity between Blancato and the child occured...
Dale Saunders was investigated and subsequently arrested, by turning himself in, by the Susquehanna Township Police after a report of suspected child abuse was received. The juvenile child stated Saunders innapropriately touched them in the past.
On 4/13/17 Lathan Overton was arrested for multiple sexual assaults involving a minor. Overton was arrested without incident and arraigned in front of MDJ Semic and given $1,000,000.00 bail. Overton is currently housed in Dauphin County Prison.