Vehicle Break In - "Smash and Grab"



On August 27, 2019 Solebury Township Police investigated the report of a theft from motor vehicle. Victim reported parking their car in a parking lot off of Route 263 and Sugan Road. When returning to the vehicle the victim noted a broken side window and personal contents missing from the vehicle. STPD is aware of similar thefts that have occurred over the past week. 

We ask that you review the below information and report any suspicious activity/persons/vehicles to us at 215-348-7400 or 911 

Theft prevention starts before you even leave your vehicle

"Smash-and-grab thieves typically aren’t criminal masterminds. Most are casual opportunists. They see something they like, so they break in and take it. Before you get out of your car, make sure your valuables are out of sight. Never leave these things lying out on your seats, dashboard or floor:"

  • Phone 
  • Purse or wallet 
  • Laptop (or its bag)
  • A briefcase or backpack 
  • Shopping bags 
  • An MP3 player or other small electronics 
  • CDs if you still use them
  • Cash – yes, even loose change/coins
  • Your keys – it actually happens!

Car smash-and-grabs happen out of sight

Most thieves go solo. So try to keep your car highly visible:

Discourage thieves with anti-theft measures

By making your car a harder target for these people, you make it less desirable. 

  • Always lock your doors and roll up your windows when you park. 
  • Activate your security system if you have one. 
  • Don’t use the console or glove box as mobile lock boxes. These are obvious to thieves, too.

Be alert for signs of car thieves

See suspicious activity? Trust your instincts and don't park there. And never confront anyone yourself. If you're concerned, report your suspicions to the police.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 (All day)

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