Shooting Suspect



The Richland Township Police Department is in the process of obtaining a warrant for the arrest of Brandon Grosso, white male, 32 years of age.  Grosso's last known area of residence is in the Telford, PA area.  Grosso is operating a late model Mercedes Benz sedan, with an unknown registration.  The vehicle is believed to be light blue or gray in color.

Grosso was involved in several confrontations in the surrounding communities, with Grosso shooting a shotgun at one of the victim vehicles.  No injuries have been reported.

Grosso is considered armed and dangerous.

Any information should be forwarded to the Richland Township Police Department, 215-536-9500 or 215-795-2931.

Mr. Grosso is in custody.  Thank you to all that assisted in the search for this suspect.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

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