Drive Safe - Stay Safe!

Take a second to observe the wrecked car outside of the high school because it only takes one second to be involved in a vehicle crash. This month’s focus is on awareness when it comes to operating a motor vehicle in a safe manner and be responsible. Officer Lee of the Quakertown Borough Police Department outlines four major causes for accidents with motorists – Speeding, Distracted Driving (texting or taking your eyes off the roadway), and operating impaired (alcohol, drugs, or prescriptions). “Wearing your seatbelt can save your life and prevent critical injuries. It is the law for all teen drivers and their passengers.” As prom and graduation season are around the corner it is a good time for parents to review driving guidelines with their teen. Make a pledge with your teen to drive phone free and avoid becoming distracted while operating a motor vehicle.

The photo includes assistant principal Jason Magditch, graduating senior students, and Officer Lee.

Special thanks to Bucks County Auto and Anvil Signs for their support.