Bicycle Patrol Unit

The Quakertown Borough Police Department Bicycle Patrol Unit was established 1999 when the Police Department purchased two mountain bikes. Officers assigned to the unit were sent to mandatory Bicycle Patrol Training and certified through the International Police Mountain Bike Association. This training included patrol tactics, pursuit and control of suspects, maintenance of the bikes, officer safety concerns, and a lot of riding. The following seven Officers are qualified to operate these units: Sergeant Joshua Mallery, Detective Jeffrey Boehm, Detective Matthew Molchan, and Officers William Newman, Steven Stoneback, Paul Houseknecht, Adam Wolfinger and Ryan Naugle. 


The Bicycle Unit was formed to provide a much closer interaction with the community than a patrol officer in a car. Of course, cars are essential as jurisdictional boundaries require a motor vehicle to respond to calls from one end of the Borough to the other in a timely manner. 

The Bicycle Unit is supplemental to vehicle patrol and not necessarily responsible for routine calls. Therefore, the officers are free to have more open and direct contact with the public. It also enables the officers to provide a more aggressive pro-active patrol in areas not easily accessible by a patrol car. Without the noise and smells of a car engine the bicycle officers have the ability to use more of their senses to detect crimes and the conditions that foster them. 

The Bicycle Unit is deployed in many different areas and events in the Borough. During the summer the Bicycle Unit is essential in patrolling the extensive park system.