Traffic Enforcement

During the week of October 8th, 2019, the Plumstead Township Police Department with the assistance of the Pennsylvania State Police, Dublin barracks, conducted an aggressive drivers detail on the 611 bypass in the area of Swamp Road (SR0313). During this detail, Officers and Troopers observed numerous violations and issued over 25 traffic citations which included violations for speeding and suspended drivers.

On October 15th, 2019, the Plumstead Township Police Department participated in the Pennsylvania “Click or Ticket” seat belt awareness program. During this detail, officers located numerous motor vehicle violations, which included suspended drivers, registration violations, insurance and inspection violations as well as 8 seat belt violations. Officers issued over 20 citations and issued several more verbal warnings to operators advising them that a seat belt could be the difference between life and death when involved in a traffic accident.

The PTPD would like to remind drivers and passengers that seat belts save lives. Wearing a seat belt in a motor vehicle increases your odds of surviving an accident by 60%. A seat belt keeps you and your passengers from flying about the cabin in a collision. It also helps prevent ejections, which can be deadly. And finally, it is just as important to properly buckle kids up as it is to wear your seat belt as an adult.