The Plumstead Township Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance pertaining to an incident that occurred on route 611 in front of the Plumsteadville Pub on December 29th of 2018 at approximately 3:30 PM.

Individuals participating in a procession that was supposed to be peaceful, and in the memory of a young man who recently lost his life, used his recent tragic death as an excuse to cause havoc on route 611 in Plumstead.

While vehicles in the procession stopped to do burnouts in front of the pub, volunteer firefighters had difficulty responding to a fire alarm at a local business. In addition, an ambulance had difficulty traversing traffic that was transporting a patient to the hospital from a major traffic accident that our officers were tied up handling.

We have obtained multiple videos and photos from the incident and are looking for any additional video or photos that someone may have in their possession that may be helpful in our investigation. Multiple individuals have been identified and citations and or criminal charges will be filed. If you have any information whatsoever that may be helpful, please forward it to our department via Crime Watch or call Officer Joseph Lastowka or Plumstead Township Detectives at 215-766-8741.