Mobile Prescription Drug Take Back

Do you have old medications, vitamins, inhalers or vaping devices that you want to safely and responsibly dispose of and can’t find the time?  The Plumstead Township Police Department will be picking up unwanted prescription medications in your neighborhood on September 15th, 2020.  Officers will be at each location for 20 – 25 minutes, ready to pick up your unwanted prescriptions.

Location                                                                          Time

Landis Greene            Miriam Drive at Landis Green Drive              5:00pm

Landis Greene            Sarah’s Lane at Gregory Drive                      7:30pm

Cabin Run                   Live Oak Dr at Cabin Run Rd                        5:30pm

Cabin Run                   Heritage Dr at Tall Cedar Ct                          7:00pm

Arbor Estates              Roseberry Dr at Alder Dr                               6:00pm

Carriage Hill               Christopher Day Rd at Bishop Circle             6:30pm

Patriot Ridge              Patriot Ridge Dr at Swetland Dr                    5:00pm

Patriot Ridge              Patriot Ridge Dr at Swetland Dr                    7:30pm

Summer Hill                Summer Hill Dr at Signature Dr                     5:30pm

Durham Ridge            Grand View Lane at Country View Dr            6:00pm

North Branch              Ryan Rd at Richie Ct                                      6:30pm

Country Green           Jennifer Schweitzer Park                                7:00pm

Please remove the prescription medications (pills / tablets) from their bottles. 

For our residents who cannot make it to these locations, please call the Plumstead Township Police Department (215) 766-8741 between 8:00am – 4:00pm prior to September 11th for officers to come to your residence on September 15th to pick up your unwanted medications.