INCIDENT BLOTTER 10/31/2022-11/06/2022


  • At 10:45am, a concerned Citizen contacted the Plumstead Township Police Department about trash and broken glass bottles found on the Gardenville Fields Pathway when she was out walking her dog. The path was cleaned and there was nothing further to report due to not having any other leads.
  • At 7:13pm, Plumstead Township officer was dispatched to the area of Windtree Dr. for a Neighbor dispute. When the officer arrived, he was talking to the complainant, and he stated that he made a comment about his neighbor’s dog barking at the trick or treaters. The neighbor came over and they exchanged some words. Complainant wanted this documented, officers cleared without any incidents.


  • At 2:14pm, Officers received a call from a complainant stating that fraudulent activity was found on his American Airline account. Complainant stated that he had over $12,000 in points that were transferred to unknown individual and is filing a claim with the Airlines. A report was filed and forwarded to the airline’s fraud department.
  • At 4:37pm, A Plumstead Township resident called the Plumstead Township Police Department stating she received a phone call from an unknown number claiming to be a Peco representative. The Complainant gave the unknown caller her bank information and social security number only to realize after she hung up that it was a fraudulent call. The complainant contacted her bank and closed her accounts. The complainant stated that she will contact the Police Department if she needs further help.


  • At 11:00am, Plumstead Township Detectives received a theft call. The complainant observed an adult female leave the farm stand with several dozen eggs in a white Subaru. The complainant stated only two dozen eggs were paid for after checking the locked cash box. Detectives were informed that this is the second incident involving the same individual. The incident is still under investigation.


  • At 3:00pm, Plumstead Township Detectives were informed of an individual passing bad checks at two different Giant food Stores located within Plumstead Township. The checks were a total of over $2,000 each. The individual was arrested by a neighboring police department for attempting the same transaction.


  • At 5:51pm, Officers were dispatched to the area of Landisville Rd. for an unwanted male subject sleeping on the property. When officers arrived, they made contact with the Individual and arranged for a family member to pick the subject up from the property. Officers stood by until the subject left the property. No further investigation at this time.
  • At 11:08pm, Officers were dispatched to the area of Winterberry Dr. for an intoxicated female. Complainant stated that a tenant was causing a disturbance by yelling. Officers talked to the female and were able to mediate the situation.
  • At 11:36pm, Thomas Wall, 54, Pennsburg was placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence. Plumstead Township officer was patrolling the area of Swamp Rd when he pulled over a 2018 Silver Hyundai Elantra after committing a vehicle code. Upon contact with the operator, the officer detected an odor of alcohol. Wall was unable to satisfactorily perform the field sobriety test.


  • At 11:45am, Officers were dispatched to the area of Wismer Rd. for a Harassment complaint. When Officers arrived, they separated all parties involved. Complainant stated they were trying to have another party leave their property and that is when the conversation turned into a verbal dispute with one individual striking another. Officers were able to defuse the situation and all parties involved agreed to leave and make different living arrangements for the night.
  • At 12:09pm, Officers were dispatched for an Access Device Fraud from the complaint. The complainant stated that she used her Debit card at an ATM machine and then the next day she had two fraudulent purchases totaling in the amount of, $1009.45. The officer went to the ATM in question and did not find anything suspicious with devices used for skimming. Complainant cancelled the card, and the report is still under investigation.