May 1st, 2023

The Perkasie Borough Police Department has implemented a Blue Envelope Program, which is modeled after a program that was first developed and distributed in the State of Connecticut.  The program has also been adopted by police agencies in several other states including New Jersey.

The purpose of the Blue Envelope is to improve the interaction between a driver with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Police Officers on a traffic stop.  The Blue Envelope provides written information and guidance on enhancing effective communication between Police Officers and persons with ASD.

The primary goal of the Blue Envelope Program is to assist drivers with ASD with document organization and to help them understand what to do on a motor vehicle stop.  The envelope's instructions warn the driver that the officer might have a radio and flashing lights on their patrol car. The instructions also direct the driver to keep his or her hands on the steering wheel until they receive further instructions from the officer. The directions detail the process of events that should occur during the stop and how the driver should respond.

The Blue Envelope also provides Police Officers with the means to quickly identify an operator of a motor vehicle who has ASD and helps to guide Police Officers with the interaction.

The Police Officer's section of the envelope explains some behaviors that the driver might exhibit, including repetitive body movements and signs of high anxiety. Police Officers are also instructed to allow the driver extra time to respond, to use the most simplistic language possible and to clearly tell the driver when he or she can leave the scene.

The ASD driver can place a copy of their driver’s license, registration and insurance cards inside the envelope for quick access. The envelope also contains an emergency contact form for the ASD driver.

The Blue Envelopes are available for pick up at the Perkasie Borough Police Department located at 311 S. 9th Street, Perkasie.