Gift card fraud

On the 10th of October, a resident on Bellevue Ave called to report that she had been contacted by an unknown party a few days ago who offered her "a large sum of money" in exchange for a small processing fee of $150, payable by Amazon Gift Cards. The resident did purchase the cards and provided the PINs to the callers. A few days later, she was again contacted and was requested to purchase more Amazon Gift Cards. At this time, the resident realized it was a scam and declined to purchase any more cards. The resident was advised to check with her bank to make sure nothing personal was compromised. 

The Penndel Borough Police Department would like to remind residents that these calls are scams to get money or personal info and the money generally can't be tracked or returned after it's been sent over the phone or internet. Do not purchase cards or provide personal or banking information to these callers.