August 25, 2020
On August 24, 2020 NTPD were called to investigate the theft of a rectangular steel cap used to seal an old underground missile silo air vent. 
The complainant was walking her dog in the area of the old Nike missile base located on the Northampton Township Civic Center grounds (Rt.332) when she noticed that one of the concrete shafts was missing the steel cap, exposing an approximately 20’ deep hole leading to the underground silo.  She walks her dog here regularly and believes that it could have disappeared within the last two weeks or so. 
Upon further inspection, it appears that a second cap had an unsuccessful attempt to remove same from the other silo. The cap is approximately 45”x35” and had yellow paint on same.  It is well worn.
If anyone believes that they have come across this unique piece of scrap metal on an investigation, please contact Det. Stark at or 215-322-6111.
Attached are photos of a similar air vent cap.
Please reference IR # 54-20-11193.
Monday, August 24, 2020 - 1:00pm

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