Thank you for attending our Town Hall Meeting

I wanted to personally thank all residents, business owner’s, and concerned citizens who attended our Newtown Township Police Town Hall meeting last evening. Additionally, I would like to thank our appointed and elected officials, particularly Newtown Township Manager Micah Lewis, Board Supervisors John Mack, David Oxley and Dennis Fisher, along with Bucks County’s District Attorney Matt Weintraub for their appearance as well and their vested interest in the safety of our community.

I apologize for the capacity restrictions due to Covid19 (as required by the Governor’s order), but the meeting still provided some great insight and effective dialogue between our department members, our community members, and our elected officials. Specific topics included the following;   




>TRAINING OF POLICE PERSONNEL (De-escalation, Procedural Justice, Fair & impartial policing)


>POLICE ORGANIZATION (Policy manual/Newtown Township Administration/Coverage Areas)





Although we did not have enough time to elaborate on some of the questions that were received, we are open to continuing the dialogue and hearing from our various neighbors as to how we can continue to improve the police services in Newtown, our policing profession, while continuing to enhance our community relations, ensuring fairness, respect and dignity to all. Please follow our social media sites for future scheduled meetings and community events.

*Note - Any homeowner’s associations, business groups, religious institutions, or local community groups that would like for the Newtown Township Police department to send a representative to their meetings and /or events to provide safety tips, updates, or just to meet your local officers, are encouraged to reach out to us with the proposed dates, time and location of their events (*After Covid19).   

Collaboration is a powerful tool in community policing!

Thank you for your continued support!

John L. Hearn - Chief of Police