Newtown Township, Pa - On May 22, 2019, a male resident contacted police to report that he was the victim of a phone scam. He explained that a male caller with a foreign accent claimed to be John Taylor from the Social Security Office. The caller further claimed that there was a warrant for the resident's arrest for insurance fraud, drug smuggling, and other illegal activity in Texas and that if he did not pay $85,000.00, they would come arrest him. The caller provided the resident with our phone number, (215) 579-1000, and Newtown Borough Police Department's number, (215) 860-7835, and then told him to stay on the line to speak with "Officer Morgan from the Sheriff's Department". Another male with a foreign accent then instructed the resident to do everything John Taylor said or the Sheriff's Department would come arrest him. As a result, the resident provided the initial caller with all of his personal information, including his bank account information, and was instructed to purchase gift cards in the amount of $687.00. The resident did so and called John Taylor back at (443) 755-7665 to provide the gift card information. 

We assured the resident that the call was a scam and that there was not a warrant for his arrest. We urge the community to be aware of this scam, especially since our police department's name and phone number was provided by the scammer and has been used for caller ID spoofing in the past. We also urge the community to never share personal information over the phone, no matter what an unsolicited caller claims.

More information on how to protect yourself from phone scams can be found here.

If you have fallen victim to a scam like this, please contact your local police department.