November 9, 2020

  • Police were contacted by a Conover Place resident in regards to an attempted theft that occurred overnight on November 7, 2020. The resident explained that he found his car door open and it appeared that someone had rifled through it. No items were found to be missing. The vehicle was unlocked and parked in the resident’s driveway at the time.

  • At approximately 11:15 am a Newtown Township resident contacted police to report fraud. He explained that he received an email that appeared to be from his pastor and his church. The email instructed the resident to purchase $3,300.00 in gift cards. After the resident purchased the gift cards and provided the emailer with the card information, he spoke to his pastor and realized that the email was fraudulent and did not come from the church.

  • At approximately 3:00 pm a Newtown Township resident contacted police to report fraud.  The resident explained that her email was hacked into and that people on her contact list were now receiving fraudulent emails. Police advised the resident to change her email and passwords and to advise the people on her contact list of the issue.

November 10, 2020

  • At approximately 6:30 pm police responded to Acme Market for the report of a theft. The victim explained that some time while she was shopping, her wallet was stolen out of her purse. The victim was alerted to the theft when her bank notified her of fraudulent purchases on her account. The total value of loss was approximately $1,232.00.

November 11, 2020

  • At approximately 7:30 pm patrol was contacted by a motorist in regards to striking a pedestrian on Swamp Road. The motorist explained that while he was driving on Swamp Road in the area of South Eagle Road, he struck a male who was crossing the street. The operator and another passing motorist rendered aid to the struck male. The male stated he was not injured and refused medical treatment.

One DUI arrest was made during this time period.

***PSA*** Please be wary of any requests to purchase gift cards. This is a classic fraudster technique. Scammers can send emails posing as friends, family, and known associates, in an attempt to defraud you. Contact police if you have suffered a loss or shared personal information as a result of a scam.