March 22, 2019

  • Just before 7:00 am police were dispatched to the Newtown Bypass in the area of Woodbourne Road for the report of a vehicle that was up on the embankment. Upon arrival, police spoke to the driver who explained that the car was a rental car. It was dark, and the driver had not realized that only the vehicle’s daylight running lights were turned on, limiting his visibility. As he was turning onto the bypass from Penns Trail, he drove up the embankment to avoid striking the traffic light pole. The driver was not injured and there was no damage to the vehicle.

  • Around 1:45 pm police were contacted in regards to littering on the common ground area owned by the Homeowner Association of Saxony Drive. It was reported that a large television set had been abandoned. The Homeowner Association removed the item and sought advice, reporting that this was the third time over the course of several months that a TV set was abandoned at that location.

  • At approximately 4:00 pm a Hickory Lane resident contacted police to report that she had been hearing loud noises throughout the neighborhood and requested patrol to check the area. Upon arrival, police observed trees being trimmed and nothing suspicious at the time.

March 23, 2019

  • While on patrol just before 1:45 am, police observed a female yelling outside of the Green Parrot before walking away. Patrol spoke to staff who indicated that the female had been kicked out and had been continuing to argue before police arrival. Patrol checked the area for the subject with negative results.

  • While on patrol at approximately 2:30 am, an officer observed a suspicious vehicle with the engine running in Chandler Ball Fields. The officer identified and made contact with the driver of the vehicle who explained that he was playing a game on his phone. The officer explained that the park is closed after dark and that he needed to leave. The driver understood and left the scene.

  • While on patrol shortly after 3:45 am, an officer observed a suspicious vehicle in the front parking lot of Marco’s Pizzeria. The vehicle was running with its headlights on in a parking spot. Due to the time of night, the officer identified and made contact with the driver of the vehicle. The driver explained that he delivers for Door Dash in the area, and that he had been too tired to drive home after he finished. During the interaction, the officer determined that everything appeared to be normal. The driver explained that he felt better and would return home.

  • Police were dispatched to Acme Markets around 9:00 am for the report of an attempted retail theft that had just occurred. It was indicated that the subject had threatened employees and then left in a black Honda CRV towards the McCaffrey’s Food Market. Police arrived on scene and located the subject. The subject claimed he was in the Acme trying to buy Red Bull for a party when an employee started to give him a hard time. He then left the items and walked out of the store. According to the complainant, the subject had kept looking towards the store’s exits and was suspiciously pacing back and forth in front of the checkout aisles with a cart filled with Red Bull and other items. When the subject was approached by an employee, the subject became upset and left. The items left in the grocery cart were totaled and valued at $560.44. The subject was advised that he was not permitted to enter the store after the incident.

  • Around 3:30 pm police were dispatched to the Newtown Athletic Club Sports Training Center for a report of a theft from vehicle. Upon arrival, police spoke to the victim who related that while she was away from her vehicle, the right rear passenger window was broken and her Coach bag she had covered with her jacket was stolen. The total value of loss was over $450.00.

March 25, 2019

  • A suspicious circumstance was reported at 2:00 pm involving a red Toyota Prius pulling into the parking lot of the Newtown Athletic Club. According to the report, the driver got out of the car and lifted up the base of a lamp post, pulling something out and then putting something back, before leaving. Patrols arrived and checked the lamp post. It was discovered that it was a part of a treasure hunt game that people are playing online, and the area was cleared.

  • At 3:00 pm a Lower Silver Lake Road resident contacted police to report that she found what she believed to be a human bone on her property. Police responded and advised the complainant that she had actually found the rear metatarsal bone of a white tailed deer.