June 12, 2020

  • A Wrightstown Township resident contacted police at approximately 12:30 pm to report a fraud. The resident explained that two checks from the Treasury Department were mailed to his old address in Philadelphia for a benefit. The resident did not know why they were mailed to him, and the Treasury Department instructed him to file a report with the police department.

  • A Newtown Township resident contacted police at 3:30 pm to discuss an attempted fraud. The resident explained that a few days ago someone called him, stating “You wasted one of my girls’ time, now you owe me $1,500.00 or else.” Throughout numerous text messages that followed, the same caller threatened the resident and sent graphic pictures of decapitated heads. The caller also sent a picture of the resident with his girlfriend and threatened to harm her unless payment was made. The resident did not fall victim to the attempted fraud and recognized that the picture with his girlfriend was readily available to the public on social media.   Police confirmed that this was an attempted fraud with common scare tactics that scammers use. Police advised the resident to cease contact and to block the number and any further attempts of the scammers attempting to contact him in the future.

June 14, 2020

  • At 9:35 pm patrol was dispatched to the area of Mud Road for a noise complaint. The complainant reported the sound of a lot of shots. Police determined that the source of the noise was fireworks off in the distance.

June 15, 2020

  • At approximately 9:45 pm patrol was dispatched to the Newtown Grant Rec Center for the report of criminal mischief. According to the complainant, someone was driving a truck around the baseball field and tearing it up. Upon arrival, police spoke to the responsible subject and issued a citation for trespass by motor vehicle.

June 17, 2020

  • At 10:00 am police were contacted by a Newtown Township resident in regards to wire fraud. The total value of loss was over $10,000.00, and the investigation is ongoing.

  • At 1:15 pm police were dispatched to the TD Bank branch located on Upper Silver Lake Road for the report of an attempted fraud in which a male in a black sedan used the drive-thru lane and provided a fake form of identification to bank staff. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

  • At 4:30 pm a Wrightstown Township resident responded to headquarters to report that she was the victim of a fraud. The victim explained that she had been contacted by someone who appeared to be calling from a legitimate Apple Company phone number. The caller told her that her computer had been hacked and had child pornography on it. The caller then instructed the victim to purchase $30,000.00 worth of gift cards to remedy the situation. The victim purchased the gift cards and provided the card information to the caller. An investigation is now ongoing.

  • At 10:30 pm patrol was dispatched to the area of Jonquil Drive and Foxglove Court for a noise complaint involving fireworks and a loud party. Upon arrival, police checked the area and located a gathering in the backyard of a Poppy Court residence. Contact was made with the individuals involved, and they explained that they set off fireworks to celebrate graduating from high school and that they were done for the evening. The homeowner assured police they would keep the volume down for the rest of the night.

  • At 11:00 pm patrol responded to a Parsons Lane residence for the report of a disturbance. On scene, police spoke to the complainant who described juveniles that were consistently ringing his doorbell and running away multiple times that night. The complainant believed that the juveniles lived in the neighborhood.