July 26, 2019

  • Shortly before 9:45 am police were dispatched to Wrightstown Road for the report of a hazardous condition. It was reported that a work truck was parked in a travel lane on the curve of the street, obstructing traffic. Upon arrival, police spoke to the truck driver who explained that he was dropping off construction equipment and would move shortly. Police advised him that flaggers or road flares should be used to warn oncoming drivers in situations like this, and police directed traffic until the vehicle safely exited the roadway.

  • At approximately 2:00 pm a Newtown Township resident responded to headquarters to report wire fraud. The victim, a recent college graduate, explained that he was searching the job market when he received electronic correspondence from an organization that appeared to legitimately provide assistance for job placement. Through the organization, the victim was told that he would be verifying and forwarding mail with advanced payment for his work. He agreed to the position and signed an agreement via a secure app called “Handshake.” This led the victim to believe the offer was authentic since “Handshake” is commonly used by businesses to close contracts.  The victim then received electronic checks through the “Venmo” app and was instructed to deposit the checks into his bank account and then forward a check of his own to another employee. He was told to keep a remainder for his work. The victim followed the instructions and later discovered the checks he received were not valid.

  • While on routine patrol at approximately 10:15 pm in the area of the Newtown Bypass and Swamp Road, an officer observed a vehicle far off of the roadway in a field at Tyler State Park. As the officer drove closer, the vehicle accelerated at a high rate of speed towards the Bypass. The officer activated his emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle, a gold 2003 Ford F-150XLT, and it went up a small hill and out onto the Bypass without stopping. The vehicle did not stop for the steady red traffic light either and almost struck a car that was traveling southbound on the Bypass before finally stopping. Upon contact with the driver and the five passengers, police identified them. The driver could not provide a reason for why he was in the field or why he fled. The driver stated that he believed he could get away. No contraband was found in the vehicle, and it was determined that the driver was not driving under the influence. The driver was issued five citations for his violations including trespassing by motor vehicle, driving without lights to avoid identification, and careless driving. The five passengers were minors, and their parents were contacted to respond and pick them up. Tyler State Park Rangers were contacted as well.  

July 27, 2019

  • While on routine patrol at 12:30 am, an officer observed a suspicious vehicle parked in Veterans Park. Upon further investigation, the vehicle was found to be unoccupied. The officer searched the surrounding area and observed a male sitting on the bleachers. The male’s identity was verified, and he claimed he was at the park to relax. The male was advised that the park is closed after dark and sent on his way.

  • Just before 11:00 am, police were dispatched to Windy Bush Road for a road hazard. It was reported that a male was blowing grass and small rocks into the roadway causing cars to swerve dangerously. Upon arrival, police searched the area with negative results.

  • Officers were dispatched to a Kirkwood Drive residence for the report of a suspicious male in a gray Hyundai that took a picture of the resident’s home. Upon arrival, police searched the area with negative contact. Police advised the resident that there could be numerous reasons the male took a picture and advised her to call back if she saw it occur again. The resident notified the Home Owner Association and her neighbors as well.

  • At approximately 3:00 pm police responded to the area of Durham Road in Wrightstown Township for the report of a teal colored vehicle that was driving all over the roadway. Police located the vehicle at Stoopville Road and Washington Crossing Road in Lower Makefield Township and initiated a traffic stop. Upon contact with the driver, police determined that she was not driving under the influence. The driver further explained that her dog knocked over a bottle of water while she was driving causing water to go everywhere. The swerving occurred as she tried to clean it up.

July 29, 2019

  • At 10:30 am the owner of a business located in the Village of Newtown Shopping Center contacted police to report a phone scam that resulted in a theft that occurred over the weekend. The owner explained that while he was out of the store, an employee received a call on the business line from someone claiming to be the IRS. The caller claimed that the owner was in trouble with the IRS and gave the employee instructions to take cash from the store to purchase a MoneyPak gift card from the nearest CVS Pharmacy. The employee followed those instructions and purchased a gift card valued at approximately $863.00. The employee complied with the caller’s instructions to relay the gift card information and to then destroy it. The employee was also instructed not to tell anyone, but the employee did report it the owner the next day.

  • At 5:30 pm police were dispatched to Millstone Drive for the report of an assembly of teenagers fishing in the development’s pond. Police arrived and found six teenagers trespassing and fishing at the pond. The teenagers were not residents of the development and were instructed to leave. The teenagers all complied.

  • Police were dispatched to a Stanford Place residence at 11:30 pm for the report of a suspicious circumstance. The resident related that someone rang her door bell within the last five to ten minutes. Officers checked the area and did not find anything or anyone suspicious.

July 30, 2019

  • At approximately 6:45 pm police responded to the Newtown Bypass in the area of Buck Road for the report of a hit and run. Police made contact with the complainant who explained that she was traveling west on the Bypass approaching the left turn lane when a black sedan struck the rear of her vehicle and kept driving. A witness that was behind the vehicles at the time saw that the striking vehicle was a black Cadillac and was able to provide the plate number. An investigation is ongoing.

August 1, 2019

  • Police were dispatched to Durham Road in the area of Wrightstown Friends Meeting at 11:15 am for the report of a single vehicle traffic accident involving damage to Penn DOT signs with the vehicle no longer on scene. Police located the striking vehicle and the driver who had come to a stop in the Village Market. It was quickly determined that the driver was having a medical emergency and he was transported to the hospital.

  •  Around 1:30 pm a representative of White Engineering Surfaces contacted police to report a theft. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

  • A Newtown Township resident responded to headquarters shortly before 3:00 pm to report wire fraud in the form of unauthorized activity on his bank account. The case is under further investigation.

  • At approximately 3:30 pm patrols responded to Society Place for the report of a suspicious person. Once on location, police spoke to the complainant who explained the following: while she was out for a run around 12:00 pm, she noticed a white male wearing a white T-shirt and blue pants with scruffy dirty blonde hair sitting on the curb. The male appeared to be watching her, and at one point the male got into a black BMW and followed her. At this point, she ran home and contacted her mom about the incident. Extra patrols in the area were requested.