February 27, 2018

  • Police were dispatched to a Greenbriar Lane residence around 3:00 pm for a report of criminal mischief. Upon arrival officers spoke to the complainant and the plumbers she had hired who explained that someone had put a bag of quick-set cement into the sewage drain in front of the house. This caused the resident’s plumbing to back up. Police filed a report to document the incident. Later in the week, another Greenbriar Lane resident contacted police to advise that his sewer discharge cap had been tampered with also.

  • Around 7:00 pm police were contacted by a Newtown Township resident in regards to a harassing phone call the resident had received from an unknown subject. The complainant explained that she had received a voicemail from an individual claiming to work for the IRS. When she called the individual back and refused to provide any personal information, the complainant received vulgar verbal threats. Police verified that the phone call was a scam and advised the resident to block the number to prevent future contact.

February 28, 2018

  • At 12:00 pm a Wrightstown Township resident responded to headquarters to report a worthless check that his business in Wrightstown received. The victim explained that the check was made out for a $2,400.00 payment and that the check was unable to be deposited according to the bank due to the suspect’s insufficient funds. Investigation is pending.

March 1, 2018

  • Around 7:30 am a Crocus Lane resident contacted police to report that his wallet had been taken from inside his vehicle sometime overnight. The vehicle was unlocked and parked in his driveway, and his neighbor found the complainant’s wallet and all of its contents spread out across his front yard. According to the complainant nothing was taken, but he wanted to file a report.

  • Shortly before 9:30 am a Jonquil Drive resident contacted police to report an attempted theft from her car. The car was parked in her driveway, and she believes that someone rifled through it overnight.  The victim reported that nothing was taken.