December 21, 2018

  • At approximately 7:30 pm an ACME employee responded to headquarters to report that his license plate and plate cover had been stolen off of his vehicle while it was parked in the ACME parking lot during his shift. The plate and plate cover have not been recovered at this time.

  • Police were dispatched to Delaney Drive around 11:30 pm for the report of a noise complaint. The complainant related that they heard loud subjects outside and did not know if they needed help or were just messing around. Upon arrival, police located four males that were standing outside. All four were identified and related that they were waiting for a ride home and did not hear anyone that needed the police. Shortly thereafter, while police were still on scene, an Uber arrived and transported all of the males out of the area.

 December 27, 2018

  • Police responded to La Stalla Restaurant at approximately 7:15 pm for the report of a theft from a vehicle. Upon arrival, police met with the victim who explained that she parked her vehicle in the parking lot and went into the restaurant for approximately five minutes. When she returned, she smelled a strong odor of cigarette smoke and noticed that someone had stolen several items from her car. The scene was processed, and the investigation is ongoing.

  • Just before 9:45 pm a Walton Court resident contacted police to report a suspicious occurrence at his residence. He reported that a male subject walked into his residence and then ran out when he saw that the complainant was home. The complainant explained that this occurred approximately 30 minutes before he contacted police. Police responded and spoke with the complainant who further explained the occurrence. He stated that the subject knocked several times on the unlocked front door before walking in, looked surprised, and then left in a tan vehicle. Police checked the area and did not locate the vehicle.