Attempted PECO Scams

On March 16, 2017 police received a call about a possible scam.  The potential victim had received a call from someone claiming to be with PECO.  The caller told them that they had to pay their bill immediately or the power would be shut off.  The potential victim called the phone number back and initially received  a recording before a male picked up.  The quick thinking resident knew immediately that it was a scam, due to the fact that all their payments were up-to-date.  On March 20, 2017 police received another PECO related scam during which the scammer was asking another potential victim for personal information regarding their account.

Police are suggesting that anyone receiving calls from "PECO" asking for personal information, or immediate bill payment, should politely decline giving out information, hang up and call PECO directly (1-800-494-4000) to verify the legitimacy of the calls.  

For more information and tips relating to PECO scams, please visit PECO Customer Service: Imposters and Scams.