Update to Attended Hit & Run Crash: Vehicle Owner Identified and Investigation is Ongoing




On July 25, 2018 charges were filed against 19-year-old Robert Leonard Keck III, of Philadelphia, PA, for his involvement in this hit and run case.  See his arrest post for more details.


The owner of the pictured vehicle has been identified and the investigation is ongoing.  We thank you for your assistance on  this case as it produced a lot of tips for our investigators.

Newtown, Pa - On June 30th, 2018 at approximately 5:00 P.M., Newtown Township Police investigated an attended hit and run crash that occurred on the Newtown Bypass at Lindenhurst Road. The striking vehicle involved in the crash was accurately described and later found to be captured on the report officer’s in car mobile video recorder.  We are seeking your assistance with identifying the owner/driver of the pictured vehicle.

Please contact us by using the "Submit a Tip" button at the bottom if you are able to identify the person who may own/drive this vehicle or may have any other important information regarding this case.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

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