Soliciting in New Britain Township

New Britain Township requires solicitors to be registered with a Townships solicitor’s permit and ID.  If the solicitors do have a permit, they may legally go door to door during daylight hours.  Soliciting is not permitted on State or Federal Holidays or Sundays.  The solicitors need to always have their NBT ID visible.  If they do not have a permit, you can call our office and we will attempt to contact them.  Religious and Political organizations/individuals are exempt from having permits.  If you wish to not have solicitors at your residence you can put a “no solicitation” sign in your window.  There is a PDF no soliciting sign you may print to use at your residence.

Safety tips for dealing with door-to-door solicitors

Post notice “No Solicitation”

Secure your home

Ask for ID

Don’t allow entry or the person to roam your property unaccompanied.

PDF icon No soliciting sign 251.53 KB