Scam Alert, Police Impersonator

March 20, 2019 the Lower Southampton Township Police Department took a report from a resident who stated that she received a call on her cell phone from a male claiming to be a police officer with the Bensalem Police Department.  The male, who identified himself as “police officer Bryan Webb”, had a thick accent and stated that he was going to arrest her unless she paid the money back that she had allegedly defrauded from a company, possibly a bank.  The number displayed on her cell phone was 215-633-3700 which is a Bensalem Police business number.  Following the initial call the complainant stated she received another call from the same number however this time it was a female voice that identified herself as, “Sarah Jenkins”, the Chief of Bensalem Police.

During this phone call the complainant was transferred to someone else who claimed to be from a U.S. financial company who stated that they would stay on the line with her until she transferred money.

The Lower Southampton Township Police would like to warn the residents of phone scams like this. 

If you receive calls like this or similar type calls please DO NOT give your personal information out over the phone.