Felony Lane Gang

Do you frequent a gym or daycare? If so, this is important information to protect you. Criminal enterprises, commonly referred to as the Felony Lane Gang, take advantage of these types of establishments because people frequently leave their wallet or purse inside their vehicle. These criminals don’t hesitate to smash the window glass to obtain entry to your vehicle either.  This group is also known to steal license plates from vehicles in a effort to avoid identification.  They typically are active during the day, specifically in the morning, late afternoon, and early evening.  

We suggest that you secure your valuables in your trunk or other secure location prior to arriving at your destination. If possible, don’t bring these items with you at all, just keep your drivers license and maybe a credit card in the case of an emergency. If you take your valuables into the gym be sure to LOCK them inside a locker. We also suggest keeping your car keys on your person at all times vs hanging them on a key board. Just recently, neighboring jurisdictions have experienced an increase in this type of criminal activity.  If your vehicle is broken into or your license plate is stolen, please notify your local police department.  For more information visit the Felony Lane Gang Task Force Page.  

Thank you!