Scam Alert

The Falls Township Police are alerting residents about a recent scam known as Business Email Compromise (BEC)

1.   Criminal actors infiltrate the email system of a company through malware or social engineering.

2. Actors register spoofed email domains and email accounts that look similar to victims.

3.  Using the spoofed email address, criminal actors send fraudulent wiring instructions to redirect wire transfers to a fraudster-controlled bank account.

How To Prevent and Deter this Fraud Scheme:

1.  Verify all changes in payment and financial information via phone or in person with a KNOWN individual.

2.  Employ dual factor authentication regarding changes.

3.  Monitor IT systems for the presence of malware.

4.  Monitor and restrict the use of auto-forwarding.

5.  Use a domain registration monitoring service.

If you have been a victim of a scam, please contact the police.