Traffic Safety Awareness


Over the past 21 years, PennDOT, along with law enforcement agencies and pupil transportation associations, has conducted Operation Safe Stop. On Wednesday, October 24, 2018, the 22nd Annual Operation Safe Stop will occur. On this day, Falls Township Police and the Pennsbury School District will participate by having their drivers document any illegal passes occurring on their routes during the day.  FTPD officers will be at bus stops and riding with students on busses to observe violations.   

Operation Safe Stop is a proactive approach to educate the motoring public that passing a stopped school bus, when children are loading or unloading, is both dangerous and illegal. Law enforcement agencies, school transportation providers, pupil transportation associations, and PennDOT have combined their efforts to raise public awareness about the potential consequences and reduce the occurrence of illegal school bus passes.

Please help us keep our children safe by driving carefully and stopping for our school busses during loading and unloading


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School Bus Safety


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Stop Sign Violation

“This is not a stop.  The video shows a motorist rolling through the stop signs located at the top of the ramp from U.S. Route #1 N to Route 13 S.  We had two roll over traffic accidents at this location this year.  1/3 of all intersection crashes in the United States happen at stop sign controlled intersections – 700,000 crashes annually.  More than 40% of fatal crashes take place at stop sign intersections.  The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code requires each driver who approaches a stop sign to come to a complete stop.  It’s a $141.50 ticket with 3 points.  Drive safe and stop for stop signs!” 


Stop Sign Violation


On 13 Sept 2018, FTPD Officers issued 10 traffic citations on Route 13 in a 4 hour period.  Violations included stop signs, failure to move over for stopped emergency vehicles and other aggressive driving.  Drive carefully!