Supporting Treatment and Recover Program (S.T.A.R.)

Beginning January 4, 2021, the Doylestown Township Police Department, Central Bucks Regional Police Department, Buckingham Township Police Department and Plumstead Township Police Department will be joining forces with the Aldie Counseling Center in Doylestown to implement the “Supporting Treatment and Recovery Program” (S.T.A.R.). With support from the Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. and the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, this program will help those with substance use disorders and their families by providing a pathway to outreach, information, and treatment.

Officers will begin providing contact information for the Aldie Counseling Center to those who they come in contact and may benefit from outreach. This includes those cases of opioid or other controlled substance overdoses, those arrested for possession of controlled substances and DUI, and for concerned family members and friends. A consent form will be completed on scene, giving officers the ability to forward the person’s contact information to the Aldie Counseling Center. Within 24 hours, a trained outreach worker will contact the person and offer treatment information and/or a level of care assessment. Along with the person’s preferences, these assessments will help to determine the right path for each individual person. Evaluations help determine the level of treatment that would be most appropriate. The trained assessor will talk with the person about their use of alcohol and other drugs, past substance abuse or mental health treatment, living situation and family relationships, employment, medical history, legal issues, and more. This information is kept confidential.

The Doylestown Township Police Department thanks the staff of the Aldie Counseling Center and the Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. for all that they do to help those with substance use concerns obtain treatment and guidance for their road to recovery. We believe that this program, combined with the Bucks Police Assisting in Recovery (BPAIR) initiative, will provide greater access to treatment, information, and support for those seeking recovery. Our officers look forward to continuing our proactive service to help our community.

“BCDAC, Inc. recognizes that, especially during COVID-19, residents are in need of support for a variety of concerns. We are committed to reducing barriers to accessing treatment for substance use disorders. The STAR Program is a terrific example of law enforcement and social service partnership, to ensure rapid access to services. The STAR Program is a welcome addition to the Bucks Police Assisting In Recovery (BPAIR) initiative.” Diane Rosati, Executive Director, Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc.

“This STAR program is further proactive proof of our police commitments to the health and well-being of the people they serve,” said Bucks County DA Matt Weintraub. “I commend Plumstead Township Police Department, Central Bucks Regional Police Department, Buckingham Township Police Department and Doylestown Township Police Department for their commitment to this progressive addition to the countywide BPAIR Program. They certainly will save lives.”

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