Quakertown Man Gets State Sentence for Friend's Fatal OD

A Quakertown man will serve up to 15 years in state prison for delivering the dose of heroin that killed his friend.

Aaron David Slimm, 32, of Park Avenue, was sentenced Thursday in Bucks County Court to spend five to 15 years behind bars for drug delivery resulting in death. A jury convicted Slimm in October, finding him guilty in the 2017 drug overdose death of 46-year-old Michael Haberle.

“You can feel nothing but sympathy for the family and loved ones of Michael Haberle, who is yet another Bucks County resident killed by the opioid crisis,” said Deputy District Attorney Christopher W. Rees. “I hope this conviction and sentence, however, help them move on knowing that justice was served.”

Haberle’s mother discovered her son’s body Jan. 5, 2017, inside his bedroom. In his possession, Quakertown Borough police found several bags of heroin stamped “Dream Chaser.”

Officers investigating the death learned through text messages and interviews that Slimm had arranged the day prior to purchase heroin in Philadelphia. He received the drugs in bags bearing the “Dream Chaser” stamp, several of which he gave to Haberle.

“Two years ago I made a choice that I have regretted ever since that day,” Slimm told Judge Gary B. Gilman in court Thursday. “I can assure you that the person who made that choice is not the person standing in front of you today.”

Judge Gilman told Slimm he was "choosing hope" when imposing sentence, saying the man was receiving a "substantial break."

Contact: Christopher W. Rees, 215.348.6341, cwrees@buckscounty.org