Drop Off Unused Meds at 53 Locations Around Bucks This Saturday

Help Bucks County stay on top this weekend by safely disposing of unneeded medications at any of 53 locations from Bensalem to Quakertown and all points in between.

Collections sites will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday with secure drop boxes ready to accept unused, unneeded or expired prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, liquid medications, inhalers, creams, nasal sprays, ointments and pet medications.

Injectables, needles and illicit drugs are not accepted.

Since the first Take Back event in September 2010, Bucks County has collected more than 127,000 pounds of unused medications – more than any other county in Pennsylvania. The program has grown in the ensuing years to become a semi-annual event.

 “We here in Bucks County ‘get it.’ We don’t leave these medications lying around to be diverted to hurt or kill anyone else,” said District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub. “We dispose of them properly at a record-setting pace, and I am proud that we are number one in the state in total pounds collected. Let’s keep building on our lead this Saturday.”

DA Weintraub encourages the public to join him around 11:30 a.m. Saturday at Lower Bucks Hospital to rally in support of the Take Back program, which now has 40 permanent locations, including most of the county’s hospitals, in place throughout Bucks County all year long.

Supported by the Bucks County Detectives and the District Attorney’s Office, the county-wide drug collections routinely net thousands of pounds of unneeded drugs, which are later incinerated in the presence of law enforcement.

And since this fall’s Take Back Day coincides with the auto-theft-thwarting VIN etching event at Levittown Town Center in Tullytown, motorists will be able to drop off their unneeded medications at a collection box on site.

Check the flyer attached below for the other 52 locations.

Contact: James O’Malley, 215.348.6298, jtomalley@buckscounty.org