Victim Services Unit


The law enforcement-based Victim Services Unit's mission is to provide assistance for crime victims through crisis intervention, community referrals, and other support services necessary to expedite recovery and healing. The Victim Specialists will help victims understand their rights, how to exercise them, provide support with compassionate and respectful responses. This Unit will engage in activities including victim support at the law enforcement level of contact, assistance through trauma-informed investigative interviews, updates on status of case, criminal justice proceedings, obtaining state victim compensation and transitional housing.

These free services are available to help victims cope with the trauma and the aftermath of victimization and to lessen the inconveniences often associated with participation in the criminal justice process. The collaboration of CBRPD, Plumstead Township Police, Buckingham Township Police, and Doylestown Township Police work in tandem with external partners through referrals to provide healthy responses to victims. This project funded through a Federal grant provided by the Office of Victims of Crime.