Our Projects


Victim Services Unit - Raising funds to assist in the sustainability of this valuable in-house law enforcement based Unit at CBRPD. This Unit provides support to additional police departments, including Doylestown Township PD, Buckingham PD, and Plumstead PD.

Sallyport Roofing Project - Raising funds to create a roof above the Sallyport at the new CBRPD HQ building. This will provide adequate cover and public safety at the entry point of the LiveScan entrance.

K9 Unit - Ongoing support is needed to fund monthly narcotics and patrol training certifications

Leadership Training - Ongoing support to ensure continued cutting edge leadership instruction to Sergeants, Corporals and Officers

Humanitarian Efforts - Raising funds focused on victims. Funds will be applied toward items/services beyond the CBRPD grant collaboration.  This may include items such as clothing and food for victims of crime.

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