Updated Press Release


January 14, 2020

Case # 2001140026

Buckingham Police and Midway Fire Company responded to 4356 Biddeford Circle in the Doylestown section of Buckingham Township.  Callers reported an explosion at the residence.  Upon arrival on scene Buckingham Officers and Fire Personnel found extreme damage to the residence.  It was quickly determined that all residents were accounted for and there appeared to be no injuries.  It is believed that the home was empty at the time of the explosion.  Buckingham Police Detectives and Officers are assisting the Fire Marshal with the investigation.  PECO was on scene and cut electricity to the neighborhood while the investigation was active.  It is believed that the service will be turned back on in the neighborhood within a few hours.  The area does not have natural gas service and the explosion may be a result of a propane leak. 

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