Drug Paraphernalia Investigation

The Buckingham Twp. Police Department along with Bucks County Detectives conducted an investigation in to drug paraphernalia sales from 1 Step Smoke Shop.  The shop is located on Route 313 near Old Easton Road, in Buckingham Township.  The investigation was initiated after complaints surfaced regarding youths purchasing paraphernalia to smoke marijuana.  On several occasions Detectives were able to purchase paraphernalia that is used to ingest, process, prepare, and test controlled substances.  Over the course of this investigation Detectives purchased pipes, pill containers, bongs, synthetic urine, and scales.  These items were decorated with marijuana leaves, the symbol "420", and adorned in Rasta colors, all references to marijuana.  Some other products were being sold in order to pass a drug test (Synthetic urine and hair purifier).  On August 7, 2018, Buckingham Police and Bucks County Detectives served a search warrant on 1 Step Smoke Shop.  Thousands of items were seized from the smoke shop.  All seized items will be evaluated by the District Attorney's Office, and the investigation is ongoing. 

Any information regarding 1 Step Smoke Shop should be forwarded to the Buckingham Police Department Detective Bureau (215) 794-8813.