Theft from unlocked vehicles



In the early morning hours on March 31, 2020 an unknown person(s) entered several unlocked cars on Johns Way, Tersher Drive, Lynn Circle, Enders Way, and Terwood Drive.  This is believed to be the same suspect(s) that have entered unlocked cars previously in Buckingham, Warwick, Warrington, Plumstead, and Solebury Townships.  The suspect methodically enters open cars and takes valuable items only.  Loose coins are being ignored unlike most theft from auto cases.  It is also believed that registration and insurance information are being compromised for later fraud.  Buckingham Police have assigned extra patrols to combat this crime spree.  As of this date we have been unsuccessful at identifying the suspect(s).  We are asking the public to lock your cars, most importantly, because the actor(s) is bypassing locked vehicles.  We are also asking that you report any suspicious occurrences.  The most likely timeframe in most of these crimes is between 3 AM and 7AM, although all overnight hours are high risk.  Please examine surveillance video from overnight and unexplained activations to lights or cameras. 

All information is important, so please report anything out of the ordinary.  This may be the bit of information that solves this investigation.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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