Residential Burglary



On 09/01/18 at approximately 2143 hours, the homeowner was woken by a loud crashing sound.  They left the bedroom and saw a flashlight on the lower level of the home.  The homeowner then fled back into the bedroom and locked the door.  The suspect came to the bedroom and after finding the door locked, forced it open.  The homeowner yelled at the suspect and the suspect fled the home.  It is believed that the actor believed the home to be unoccupied.  The victim may have heard a car start after the suspect fled the home.  Upon officer's arrival the rear sliding glass door was found to be shattered by an unknown object.  A check of the residence found nothing missing.

A neighborhood canvas was conducted and a second home was found to be burglarized.  It appears that the actor(s) climbed through an unlocked  sunroom window.  Once inside, a patio chair was used to smash the French door.  The house was heavily ransacked and three (3) rings and loose change were taken.  A gold wedding band and two (2) Council Rock school rings were removed.  The school rings were described as: 1- class of 1977, red stone, and 2- class of 1980, blue stone, and the initials "MD" inscribed.

Anyone with information on these two (2) burglaries is asked to call the Buckingham Township Police 215-794-8812.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

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