Township Manager's Letter To Residents Regarding Fireworks

Dear Residents:


It has been a longstanding tradition to celebrate the July 4th holiday with fireworks and we all enjoy watching the fireworks displays that light up the night sky around us.  Historically, a few days before and after the July 4th holiday, residents have tested their legal fireworks attracting little or no negative attention.  This year, fireworks are being set off on a nightly basis, weeks in advance of the July 4th holiday.  One only must venture out at night on a short walk to hear fireworks in every direction.  While we appreciate everyone's enthusiasm this year, we are asking our residents to be considerate to their friends, neighbors and emergency service workers.


Please consider your neighbors and friends who are trying to sleep for work the next day.


Please consider the children of your neighbors and friends who are awakened by the loud explosions and can't get back to sleep.


Please consider our veterans of all ages suffering from PTSD.  Loud explosions daily can be a constant barrage on their mental health.


Please consider the mental health of our pets.  Anyone with a dog knows a night of fireworks can be the most stressful night of the year for dogs.


Please also consider our emergency service workers.  The dry conditions of the July 4th holiday underscore the need for discipline and responsibility with our fireworks celebrations.  Managing these conditions on a few holiday weekend nights each year brings enough risk.  Is it worth the risk to our emergency service workers to celebrate with fireworks every night of the summer?


We are asking our residents to please suppress the desire to celebrate with fireworks except for those days which have been appointed and scheduled for celebration.  Complaints of fireworks are handled by the police department. To report complaints of fireworks, please call the police dispatch non-emergency line at (215) 785-4040.  We thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation.


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Randee J. Elton

Bristol Township

Township Manager