Police Blotter 4/11/2019

#19-06940 Arrest

4-10-19, 2107 hours, Green Lane, Levittown, Pa.

The subject below was arrested on a Bench Warrant out of Bucks County and released to the


Linda Marie Pollard, B/F, 46 years old

Airacobra Street

Levittown, Pa


#19-06941 Arrest

4-10-19, 2244 hours, 100 block Appletree Drive, Levittown, Pa.

The subject below was arrested on a PFA Violation from Bucks County, video arraigned by

Judge Wagner.  Bail was set $100,00/10% and released to the Constables.

David John Ritterson, W/M, 50 years old

Mile Street

Bristol, Pa


#19-07009 Arrest

4-11-19, 1454 hours, Pennsylvania Avenue, Croydon, Pa.

The subject below was arrested on a Parole Violation and transported to BCP.

Daniel Thomas Hynd, W/M, 28 years old

Logan Avenue

Croydon, pa


#19-06887 Theft

4-10-19, 0645 hours, 100 block Wharton Road, Bristol, Pa.

Unknown date and time a Zte prepaid cell phone was stolen from complainant’s car at the

above address. Value of the phone is $40.00.


#19-06895 Theft

4-10-19, 0915 hours, 3000 block Ford Road, Bristol, Pa.

Sometime between 1200 hours on 4-9-19 and 0500 hours on this date, unknown subject(s)

removed a Philadelphia Flyers Sticker for a 2016 Ford Fusion. Value of sticker is $5.00.


#19-06901 Theft

4-10-19, 1140 hours, 1400 block Veterans Highway, Bristol, Pa.

Sometime between 2200 hours 4-9-19 and 1130 hours on 4-10-19, an unknown subject(s)

stole the rear license plate from a 2017 Hyundai Accent, which was a rental car. Value of

the plate is $48.00.


#19-06950 Theft

4-10-19, 2109 hours, Strawberry Lane, Levittown, Pa.

Sometime between 1930 hours and 2000 hours on 4-10-19 a bicycle was stolen.  The

Bicycle is a BMX bike Slick SZ, purplish multicolor.  The value is $280.00.


#19-06984 Theft

4-11-19, 1100 hours, 100 block Penn Avenue, Levittown, Pa.

Sometime between 4-8-19 and 4-11-19 a dealer tag was stolen from a 2014 Ford

F250 pick-up truck from the address listed above.  The value of the tag is $11.00.