Police Blotter 12/28/2017

#17-28399 Arrest
12-27-17, 1640 hours, 100 block of Azalea Lane, Levittown, Pa.
The below subject was arrested on a Local Warrant, arraigned by Judge Kelly, bail set at $25,000.00/10%, sent to BCP.
Kristian McIntosh, b/m, 33 years old
Azalea Lane
Levittown, Pa.

#17-28430 Theft
12-28-17, 0620 hours, 2600 block of Woodlawn Drive, Bristol, Pa.
Sometime overnight unknown subject(s) entered a 2004 Ford that was parked at the above location and removed a Nook reader in black leather case. Approximate value $100.00.

#17-28402 Vandalism
12-27-17, 1630 hours, 100 block of Library Lane, Levittown, Pa.
At unknown date and time unknown subject(s) scratched the hood, front bumper, and driver’s side rear door corner panel on a 2015 Chevrolet that was parked at the above location. Approximate damage unknown.