Police Blotter 12/12/2018

#18-25842 Arrest

12-11-18, 1400 hours, 3500 block of Bristol Oxford Valley Road, Levittown, Pa.

The below subject was arrested on a Bench Warrant and released to the Sheriffs.

Linda Howard-Lewis, b/f, 52 years old

Bristol Oxford Valley Road

Levittown, Pa.


#18-25801 Theft

12-11-18, 0730 hours, 7000 block of Bristol Pike, Levittown, Pa.

At the above date and time unknown subject(s) took a lunch bag containing car and house keys. Approximate value $25.00.


#18-25819 Theft

12-11-18, 1237 hours, 100 block of Idlewild Road, Levittown, Pa.

Sometime between 11-30-18 and 1237 hours on 12-11-18, unknown subject(s) took a package that was delivered to the above location. Approximate value $1,241.00.