Police Blotter 11/12/2020

#20-20112 Arrest

11-11-2020, 1048 hours, River Lane, Croydon, Pa.

The below subject was arrested on the charges of Posses Instrument of Crime W/Int,

Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Possess Drug Paraphernalia, Disorderly Conduct

and Harassment. The subject was processed and arraigned by Judge Gaier. Bail was set at


Thomas A Fowler, W/M, 57 years old

Main Avenue

Croydon, Pa

#20-19990 Theft

11-9-2020, 1530 hours, Rosa Avenue, Croydon, Pa.

Sometime during the day on 11-4-2020 an unknown subject removed a package delivered

by Amazon. The package is valued at $117.00.

#20-19997 Theft

11-9-2020, 1747 hours, Crosswood Lane, Levittown, Pa.

Sometime between 11-4-2020 and 11-9-2020 an unknown subject(s) stole a Suzuki Racing

Quad out of a shed. The estimated value is $5,000.00.

#20-20101 Theft

11-11-2020, 1059 hours, Reedman Drive, Levittown, Pa.

Sometime overnight an unknown subject entered a backyard a stole a dark green bicycle.

The value is $200.00.

#20-20125 Theft

11-11-2020, 1538 hours, Beaver Dam Road, Bristol, Pa.

Sometime between Tuesday 11-10-2020 and 11-11-2020 an unknown subject removed a

license plate from a 1999 BMW. No value given.

#20-19970 Vandalism

11-9-2020, 1042 hours, New Falls Road, Levittown, Pa.

Sometime between 11-6-2020 and 11-9-2020 an unknown subject(s) painted graffiti on a

fence. Unknown value of damages at this time.

#20-20057 Vandalism

11-10-2020, 1410 hours, Sycamore Avenue, Croydon, Pa.

Sometime overnight an unknown subject kicked the front side fender making a dent to a

2021 Dodge Ram truck. No value given.