Police Blotter 06/19/2020

#20-10364 Arrest

6-17-2020, 1945 hours, Haines Road, Levittown, Pa.

The below subject was arrested on a Bench Warrant out of Bucks County and released

due to COVID 19 concerns.

Mitchell Eugene Johnson, B/M, 29 years old

Haines Road

Levittown, Pa


#20-10404 Arrest

6-18-2020, 1730 hours, Burlington Township.

The below subject was arrested on a Local Warrant out of Bristol Township.  The subject

was picked up in Burlington, NJ and is remanded to their prison.

Laquinton Lamon Dandridge, B/M, 29 years old

Bloomsdale Road

Levittown, Pa


#20-10344 Theft

6-17-2020, 1401 hours, Blueridge Drive, Levittown, Pa.

Around 1345 hours an unknown subject stole a 2004 Acura that is white in color.  The

vehicle was recovered on 6-18-2020 in Bensalem.


#20-10358 Vandalism

6-17-2020, 1853 hours, Airacobra Street, Levittown, Pa.

Sometime overnight an unknown subject(s) slashed the front left tire of a 2013 Mercedes

Benz.  The loss of value is $100.00.


#20-10382 Vandalism

6-18-2020, 1200 hours, Bristol Pike, Croydon, Pa.

Sometime over the weekend an unknown subject(s) vandalized a grave plot at the Bristol

Cemetery.  The value of damage is $400.00.


#20-10388 Vandalism

6-18-2020, 1001 hours, Newport Road, Bristol, Pa.

On 6-18-2020 an unknown subject broke the windshield of a 2005 Suzuki.  The value of

damage is less than $500.00.


#20-10403 Vandalism

6-18-2020, 1633 hours, Ford Road, Bristol, Pa.

Sometime during the day an unknown subject slashed a tire and poured blue nail polish on

A 2006 Toyota Prius.  The value of damage is $600.00.