Goldenridge - Thefts From Vehicles

The Goldenridge Section has experienced a spike in thefts from vehicles in recent days. The thefts are believed to be taking place during the early morning hours, approximately (1:00 AM-5:00AM).

The actor or actors are targeting primarily unlocked vehicles. Once inside the unlocked vehicle the suspects are taking anything of value, loose change, wallets, credit cards, and electronic items. It is highly suggested that all residents be cognizant of this. Please remove valuables from sight and lock your vehicle.

The Bristol Township Police are aware of this spike and extra patrols have been initiated in the area above the regular patrols. It is requested that if a resident observes any suspicious activity or persons on your street that you call 911 immediately so an Officer can be redirected to that location.

The Bristol Township Police are also requesting any resident with a Surveillance System or Ring Doorbell System or similar to review their footage. Specifically, June 11, 12, and 13th, between the hours of 0100-0500 AM. Below are some of the streets that have been targeted, or of concern to Police.

  • Great Oak Road
  • Greenbriar Road
  • Granite Road
  • Gamewood Road

Residents are encouraged to call Police Headquarters at (215) 785-6107, or the Anonymous Crime Tip Line at (215) 788-8289. If a resident does have video surveillance they think is pertinent they may drop it off at Police Headquarters and speak to an Officer or request an Officer respond to your residence.