CANCELED - Attempted Child Luring



*** 11/03/2017 - Early Evening - The Attempted Luring Case Is CLOSED. Further investigation revealed no criminal activity occurred. There were exceptional circumstances surrounding the report. THERE IS NO DANGER TO THE PUBLIC.





Possibly a 2006 to 2010 Chevrolet Impala, gray or silver in color and no hubcaps on the passenger side. Vehicle has an approximately 6x10 inch white sticker in the rear window which had black marker writing on it. It is unknown what writing was on the sticker, it was possibly a temporary registration. The sticker is on the lower left side of the rear window. The rear windows were are possibly tinted. There was an air freshener, possibly a pine tree, hanging on the rear mirror. The victim also reported a black bag on the front passenger floorboard and there were scratches on the driver’s side rear quarter panel.  




Indian male, twenty to thirty years old, with an Indian accent

Close cropped brown hair, a brown and gray full mustache, two diamond stud earrings in his left ear and a tattoo on his upper left arm that was partially covered by his short sleeve shirt. Suspect was wearing a red short sleeve golf shirt with white wording which included “pride”.

**NEW INFO - The posted picture is now of the ACTUAL vehicle caught on an area video system. The vehicle appears to be a silver or grey  CHEVROLET IMPALA with dark rims.

The Bristol Township Police Department is investigating an attempted child luring incident. The incident occurred on Thursday, November 2, 2017 on Glenrose Avenue near Malinda Drive in West Bristol.


A 10 year old female, who just got off a school bus, was walking home. A silver vehicle pulled up alongside her. As she started to walk faster, the vehicle followed along next to her for a short distance. The child began to run, and the vehicle continued straight on Glenrose Avenue.


A male in his mid 20’s, described as Indian with and accent, said “Get in the car.” The male then winked as he took off his sunglasses. The male had a tattoo on his left bicep, straight light brown hair, and greenish eyes. He was stocky, and was wearing a red shirt with “Pride” written on it.


The vehicle is described as a newer silver 4 door sedan, similar to a Honda Civic. The vehicle is supposed to have a square, white, sticker on the lower left corner of the rear window. The sticker has black writing on it.


If you live in the neighborhood, and have street facing video cameras, please view the footage from November 2, 2017 between the hours of 3:00 PM and 4:15 PM for the vehicle or the incident.


If you have any information about the incident, or the described male, please contact the Bristol Township Police at (215) 785-4040, or our crime tip line at (215) 788-8289. Please refer to incident number 17-24552.

Friday, November 3, 2017 - 12:00am
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