Bristol Borough Police News, June 29 - July 21, 2021

June 29

5:33 p.m., retail theft, 452 Pond St., actor stole items valued at $15.00 from store.

July 2

3:48 p.m., theft, 600 block Wood St, actor stole a TD Bank checkbook from residence.

July 4

5:52 p.m., theft from vehicle, 900 block Jefferson Ave., PA Registration stolen from vehicle.

July 5

12:30 p.m., 905 Bristol Pike, male, age 31, Levittown, PA, cited for disorderly conduct.

12:53 p.m., burglary, 498 Green Lane, actor entered building and stole some loose change.

July 6

11:08 a.m., 300 block Washington St., male, age 39, Philadelphia, PA, cited for disorderly conduct.

12:11 p.m., 700 block Wood St., male, age 31, Bristol, PA, cited for theft.

July 7

9:53 a.m., theft of vehicle,  950 Bristol Pike, a black 2011 Dodge Charger stolen from lot.

11:00 a.m., theft, 200 Rt. 13, actor cut the chain link fence and stole three extension cords, unknown value.

6:35 p.m., criminal mischief, 111 Market St., actor sliced a large hole in tent canopy.

11:32 p.m., criminal mischief, 100 block McKinley St., actor spray painted graffiti on the side of a van.  

July 8

8:20 p.m., criminal mischief, 800 block Third Ave., rear driver side tire of a vehicle damaged by an unknown actor.

July 9

7:35 a.m., 600 block Beaver St., male, age 62, Bristol, PA, cited for disorderly conduct.

1:12 p.m., theft, 41010 Rt. 13, a catalytic converter stolen from an Acura parked on the lot.

2:27 p.m., theft of vehicle, 800 block Fourth Ave., a blue 2009 Toyota Corolla, PA Reg: LKM-5564, stolen.

July 10

8:08 p.m., burglary, 300 block East Circle, actor entered residence and stole several items.

July 11

5:07 p.m., warrant arrest, 500 block Swain St., male, age 31, Bristol, PA, arrested and custody turned over to Bucks County Sheriff's Dept.

5:57 p.m., retail theft,244 Commerce Circle, several items stolen, actors fled in a Mazda SUV.

7:15 p.m., 300 block Headley St., male, age 59, Bristol, PA,  and female, age 51, Bristol, PA, both cited for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

July 12

1:17 a.m., 500 block Swain St., male, age 40, Bristol,  PA, arrested for disorderly conduct, he will be summoned to court.

5:22 a.m., theft from vehicle,  452 Pond St., medical cards, Android phone and lunch was stolen from vehicle in the parking lot.

7:55 a.m., 500 Bath Rd., male, age 49, Bensalem, PA, cited for disorderly conduct.

11:57 a.m., theft, 100 block Cedar St., a Thruster Tri Power XL mountain bike stolen from residence.

2:11 p.m., theft, Bristol High School, 1801 Wilson Ave., bicycle stolen from front of school.

July 13

3:44 a.m., burglary, 226 Rt. 13, $800.00 in U.S. currency stolen from business.

1:00 p.m., theft, 201 Mill St., light blue custom made beach bicycle with dark brown basket with name :"ZOE" on seat, stolen.

July 15

1:55 p.m., theft, 400 block Lafayette St., PA Reg. stolen from truck parked in pocket parking, Washington & Lafayette St.

July 16

12:15 a.m., 100 Commerce Circle, female,, age 35, Delanco, NJ, arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.  She will be summoned to court.

8:30 p.m., 75 Commerce Circle, male, age 34, Philadelphia, PA, cited for public intoxication.

July 17

1:11 a.m.,1800 Farragut Ave., female, age 23, Levittown, PA and female, age 27, Langhorne, PA, both cited for disorderly practices.

July 19

7:29 a.m., burglary, 791 Bristol Pike, actor stole $200.00 cash bills, 4 scent canisters and video system valued at $400.00.

July 20

6:03 a.m., criminal mischief, 300 block Wilson St., actor kicked and damaged side of vehicle, front and passenger fenders.

1:14 p.m., criminal mischief, 200 block Jefferson Ave., actor broke glass on the front door of residence.

July 21

6:30 a.m., Penn St., male, age 49, Penndel, PA, cited for public intoxication and ordinance violation.

9:02 a.m., theft, Fourth Ave., package stolen from front porch.

12:08 p.m., theft, 1231 Bristol Pike, a 3.6L Chevrolet engine stolen from side of building valued at $2,000.00.