Bristol Borough Police News Feb 5 - Feb 16, 2018

Feb. 5    

12:50a.m.     1800 Farragut Ave, Marissa Mctague, age 28, of Bolton Ct. in Bensalem, cited for summary Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkenness

Feb. 10

03:46a.m.     205 Pond St, Danielle Tusiano, age 26, of Farragut Ave in Bristol, summary charge of Defiant Trespass filed

Feb. 11

03:45a.m.     300 Bristol Pk, Infinity Armani Ellzy, age 19, of Bath Rd in Bristol, summary charge of Theft of Services filed, Food Services-$90 value

11:45p.m.     100 block of Pond St, Herbert Tramel, age 40, of Pond St in Bristol, summary charge of Public Drunkenness filed

Feb. 15

09:00a.m.     Incident on Dec. 15, 2017, at 08:10a.m.: Erica Patricella, age 30, of Washington St in Bristol, Misdemeanor charges of Simple Assault, Harassment filed

07:30p.m.     600 block Cedar St, Beatrice A Parsell, age 54, of Cedar St in Bristol, summary charges of Disorderly Practices, Public Intoxication filed

Feb. 16

09:16a.m.     244 Commerce Circle, Jeffrey Nixon, age 53, cited for shoplifting, $132.95 value